Refreshed and Ready for the Next Challenge.

This week is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life! I hit reset and managed to spend the last seven days shedding the old and embracing the new in preparation for this fresh start.

A week and a half ago I had my last day at the ad agency I have called home for the past three and a half years. I had the pleasure of working with some insanely talented people, owners who actually care about the world and their employees, and I had a great boss who always supported me. So the decision to leave was not an easy one! But, In my heart I knew it was time for me to move on. I have been wanting to focus solely on the digital side of marketing for a while now and got an offer at a digital agency that felt like a good fit. I was tempted to stay in my comfort zone because of fear of the unknown, but I chose a challenge over comfort in the end. I know I am going to feel out of my depth for the next few months because I have a lot to learn…but I am excited for that feeling of progression!

To really embrace the week off I had between jobs I decided to push the reset button on all aspects of my life and start this new chapter feeling fresh and motivated. How often do you get a week off and are at home by yourself?

Here are 10 things I did to clean the slate and inspire myself so I can start this journey without all the distractions that come from a life that feels cluttered and gunked up:

  1. Cut my hair off – a good six inches of ratty ass split ends gone and it feels so good!

fullsizerender2.  Cleaned out my closets – I got ruthless and threw away a TON clothing, makeup and shoes that I don’t use. Less clutter makes me instantly feel more clear headed.

3. Detoxed my system with a lot of hot yoga – Kelly, Marjan and I go to Radiant Hot Yoga in Newport where they heat the room to 105 degrees. Your sweat has sweat by the time you are done and you leave feeling refreshed and about 5 pounds lighter…its amazing!!!

4. I got a new Garmin – Holla, I am super excited about this one since I am now able to link to Strava and it has given me a new motivation to actually wear a watch when I work out and be better about tracking my training progress this year.

5. Went trail running – Running trails is one of my favorite things to do and I always feel recharged in an exhausted kind of way afterwards 😉 California is so unbelievably green and lush at the moment from all the rain we have been getting, which makes the trails that much better.


6. Made fresh juice and kale salads every day – this kale salad is so good! A friend posted it on IG a week or two ago and I am obsessed with it now. Its super clean and nutritious with loads of good fat. I feel 100% better when I eat a high fat/low carb diet and intend to keep this going.

Salad: Finely chop one bunch of dinosaur kale then massage a small ripe avocado into it. Use fresh squeezed lemon juice, olive oil and a good salt and pepper as the dressing. Thats it! I added a few handfuls of purple cabbage and shredded carrots for color.

Juice: cucumber, celery, parsley, spinach, beet, grapefruit, lemon, ginger

7. Went to swim practice – this is huge, I haven’t been in the pool since September last year maybe? It’s been so long I can’t remember so that tells you all you need to know. It felt really good to dust off the cobwebs and actually push myself hard in the pool. My new job comes with an Equinox gym membership, so I plan to make masters swimming a big part of my routine this year.

8. Got my teeth cleaned – pretty standard stuff but since my last 2 “dentist appointments” were actually interviews it needed to get done 🙂

9. Spent time with friends I don’t see enough of – I am always super busy and often wish I could spend more time with certain friends (and their minis). I got to enjoy a mid week dinner date and lunch with girlfriends this week and that made me really happy.

10. Got back into BLOG mode – The past few months have been crazy at work and I was a feeling less than inspired to write about anything. Well I am resetting and am determined to be better about blogging more often.

I am feeling refreshed and inspired to give this season everything I’ve got. We have Moab 30k coming up in less than 3 weeks so lots more trail fun to come!

How do you recharge/reset?

Challenge or comfort?

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