About Kelly

Hola! I’m Kelly…the other half of Tri-Belle!  I also live in the beautiful Orange County and triathlons have become my passion. Well…I actually have a lot of passions but triathlons definitely take a majority of my time (and money) AND training is one of my favorite ways to spend time with my friends and to meet new ones too!

Originally I grew up in Michigan. I played every sport I could, I was a dancer, and I could probably say I was raised on a horse. 3 years ago I never thought I would live in Cali but I’m here and I LOVE it. Dominique was actually the very first friend I made here! We ran 8 miles with a group the first Sunday I arrived in OC and we had so much in common! We both lived in ski towns in Colorado, we both loved running, traveling, and well… you will learn more about what we share as we embark on this journey of blogging. I lived in Costa Rica for a while and I used to travel nonstop all around the world for work. One day I’ll write about running in different countries. It’s interesting because loose farm animals often end up in my running pictures when I’m traveling. 

I have to say running is my first love. Has been for a long time. HOWEVER…I’m starting to have an affair with swimming and biking. I really can’t imagine not doing 1 of the 3 now. I’ve done 6 marathons, I think I hit the 25th half marathon mark last year, and hundreds of other races. One of my favorites is the 5/3rd Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, MI. It’s a 25K. Great distance! You should check it out. Vineman 70.3 was my first half IM and I signed up to do Florida full in November 2016. I also love the Olympic/international distance and plan to start adding quit a few to my calendar next year. 

So…I’m super excited (and maybe a little shy) about sharing my life with you on this blog. Dom and I are on Newport Coast Triathlon Team (which is an awesome team!) and like she said we have the BEST (and most diverse) group of friends who love to take pics and I’m super happy and honored to be part of this blog. Enjoy!!