About Dom

Hi I am Dominique, thanks for checking out Tri-belle!!

Here is a little bit about me….

I am a 34 year old that lives in Orange County, works at an advertising agency and LOVES to swim, bike and run (not necessarily in that order). I am always looking for ways to push myself and I am not happy unless I have something challenging to work towards. Training for races has become the best way for me to stay happy, healthy and motivated; it has also become a huge part of my social life as well. As you will see in this blog I have an amazing group of girlfriends that I train and take LOTS of entertaining pictures with.

Marjan, Kelly and myself doing what we do best.

I was born in England, grew up in South Africa and moved to America in 2002. I was obsessed with sport as a kid, and played everything from field hockey to netball (Google it here ) ;). You name it, I probably played it at some point. After a few years spent snowboarding and bar-tending in Colorado, I moved to California to go to school and needed a new activity. Enter….triathlon. California is the perfect place to be a triathlete since we are spoiled with amazing training weather all year round! We have beautiful ocean water to swim in, trails to run on, and hills to ride. The only downside is the traffic. You can’t have it all!

Kelly and I decided to start this blog (and roped in our friend Marjan) because it sounded like a lot of fun to share our athletic adventures with the world and encourage more ladies to get out there and give it a TRI. The blog is all about training, food, racing, friendship and everything in between.


I have competed in sprint, Olympic and half Ironman distance triathlons, as well as a few full and half marathons.

  • Fastest 1/2 Ironman = 5:33
  • Fastest 1/2 Marathon = 1:44
  • Fastest Marathon = 3:49

Me in 10 bullet points:

  1. Running is my favorite part about triathlons
  2. I have been racing since 2008
  3. I can NOT say no to candy
  4. I am solar powered
  5. I am SUPER easy going (to the point of annoyance)
  6. I hate pigeons
  7. I have an awesome boyfriend who has been putting up with me for almost 6 years
  8. I know absolutely NOTHING about bikes…after 8 years of cycling I am yet to even change a tire! Scary.
  9. I can’t say “Coleslaw”, it sounds like I’m saying “Cold Sore”
  10. I have an irrational fear of garbage disposals



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