Holiday Adventure

There is less than a week until Christmas, and we have finally decided on our annual Christmas road trip destination! This year we will be driving to Jackson Hole, Wyoming for some serious snow activities…I can’t wait! They got 6 feet of fresh powder yesterday, so it should be a VERY white Christmas (it is also -4 today..brrrr).weather

We started doing these road trips about 5 years ago and have been able to see so many amazing places each year. The adventure and flexibility of driving rather than flying is so much more fun for us. You can pull over whenever you want and check out a random town, or spend the night if you stumble upon somewhere really cool. We usually book a hotel or an Airbnb for the main destinations, but then wing the rest as we go.

Our previous Christmas trips  (we don’t love Vegas but we usually leave after work so this gets us 4 hours on our way/breaks up the next days drive):

  • Yr 1 – Vegas -> Grand Canyon -> Sedona, AZ -> Vegas -> Home
  • Yr 2 – Vegas -> Sedona, AZ -> Vegas -> Home
  • Yr 3 – Vegas -> Moab, UT -> Telleride, CO -> Taos, NM -> Vegas -> Home
  • Yr 4 – Eugene, OR -> Seattle, WA -> Bend, OR -> Reno, CA -> Vegas -> Home
  • This Year – Vegas -> somewhere in Utah -> Jackson Hole -> to be decided

The Tri-belles will be doing the Moab Mad Moose trail race in March next year (Behind the Rocks 50k). This will be my first 50k (not nervous at all 😉 ). I have been starting to increase my weekly mileage a bit to get a decent base down, then after the holidays the real training plan will kick in. I am definitely going to need to find a place to run while we are on our adventure. We booked this crazy house in the middle of nowhere (about 40 mins from Jackson Hole with NO TV) for three nights…so things might get interesting. I will probably look like Bambi trying to run in this snow. airbnb-houseI really want to try and do some cross country skiing while we are there. I only tried it once when I lived in Aspen, but it kicks your butt and is a great cardiovascular workout. This is Teton Mountain near where we will be staying…gaaagh so excited!!! 🙂 The snowboarding should be pretty epic as well judging by all the snow they are getting.cross-country-skiing

What are your Christmas plans? 

Ever tried cross county skiing? Got any tips for a newbie 🙂

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