It’s pumpkin spice latte time and the Tri-belles just got an UPGRADE…now we can share all of Marjan’s awesome videos and my ridiculous Boomerangs 🙂

I had the most perfect mellow weekend complete with a hilly bike ride, DIY fashion projects and Sunday brunch with a girl friend. I have pretty much been a been a lazy P.O.S. eating everything in sight since the wedding, so I gave myself one more weekend to take it easy before cracking down the proverbial whip 😉

Hills. Hills. Hills…

We had a fun little girl group and were a bit short on time, so we decided to kick our asses with hills instead of distance.

Sooooo pretty at the top of Ridge Park…totally worth the torture to get up there


DIY Lover…

I have been hacking up my clothing and reinventing items forgotten in my closet since middle school. I also LOVE a good bargain. I am totally that girl who when complimented on something i’m wearing blurts out “thanks, it was only $3” haha. Anyway…I have been loving the new step-hem trend that is really in this Fall, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on jeans that will only be cool for one season. So, I went to Crossroads Trading and found this perfect pair of True Religion skinny jeans for only 18 bucks and cut them into a step-hem myself! Score.

FYI….these sandals used to be olive green and have a strap around the ankle until I got my hands on them 😉 I made them black using a Sharpie and I swear you would NEVER know.


Is anyone else super excited for fall weather just so they can bust out their booties and scarves? I love summer, but Fall clothing is the best. Even though there is pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING at TJ’s, its still hitting the 90’s in SoCal so I may have to wait a few more weeks 😦


That’s all from me xxx

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