Lately we’ve been taking training off road more and more! Two weeks ago Dom, Marjan and I went mountain biking in Blackstar Canyon because the winds were INSANE for being on the road. Yes I am completely aware that we are spoiled here in SoCal. Marjan and I both grew up in tundra like conditions and 40 mile an hour winds were common where Dominique grew up, so we’ve become a little soft. Anyhow, we did an awesome 9 mile climb, followed by a 200 yards traverse that almost blew us off the mountain, and then an awesome 9 mile descend.

All this trial running and mountain biking has been fun so when my friend asked me about 8pm Friday night to do the Xterra race Saturday, I signed up, gathered all my gear and went for it. It was part of the Xterra Renegade race series and it was an awesome, small-town race. I took 3rd in my AG which I was happy with considering it was my first off road tri.

Three days later, I did the opening night of the OC  Over the Hump mountain bike series. OTH is a race series that started in 2009 with just 2 races that sold out and has now turned into a 12-week series that draws more than 2,500 racers of all ages! The course is designed for all levels and the race director and team do an excellent job of making this a fun event for all levels. I raced in the Women’s Sport category and I felt I was in the right place. I did crash like 2 minutes into the race but it was probably my own fault since I didn’t preview the course. There was a split where beginners go left and sport/elite go right and straight up a hill. I saw the split too late and over corrected and went down. Just a few scraps and lots of bruises; I was back up and on my bike within 30 seconds. I’ve heard the first night is always the most crowded so let’s see how the next race goes. After the race there is food and beer and tons of cool vendors and shops that set up camp. It really is an awesome event and turn out for a weekly summer event. Come check it out if you are in the SoCal area!

As I write this I’m taking a much needed rest day. Between racing and trail running, my body has taken a beating this week! I destroyed my baby toes at Xterra, my knees are scrapped, my hip is black and blue, my shins are a wreck from OTH and I jammed 2 fingers on my right hand on my trail run! Yes… I slipped. I was not wearing my 361 trail shoes so it’s my own fault! It was also National Foam Rolling day the other day and I forgot to celebrate. So tonight, I’m celebrating with rest, massage, and foam rolling…if my bruises can handle it.

What’s your favorite trail run where you live!?


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