5 Things I am Obsessed with Right Now…

Two, sometimes three workouts a day, 9pm bedtimes and a laundry basket that smells like a football team’s locker room are just a few of the joys of training for a triathlon! My whole life seems to be revolving around this stuff right now (which I am embracing completely) and with the training has come a few new obsessions. Most of them revolve around food…because duh. I AM HUNGRY. The rest are random, and I would love your feedback or suggestions on any of them:

  1. Swim goggles – Seriously what the F is wrong with my FACE!! I cannot find a pair that works to save my life. My swim bag looks like an episode of hoarders, I have about 12 pairs of useless goggles that leak in there. I finally found these (see image) at Costco of all places; three pairs for only $16. Buuuuut, they suck and leave me with rings around my eyes for 3 hours after I swim. A great look in a client meeting.IMG_2603
  2. Almond Butter on EVERYTHING – because its delicious 🙂 I’m talking almond butter on apples, pears, carrots, even on almonds! Its the best food EVER and yes, the hyperbole here is warranted.
  3. Running shoes – this is nothing new, my obsession with the colors and the squishy-ness under foot runs deep. I can’t help myself. But, I am especially loving all my 361 Degrees sneaks and have completely stopped wearing my Brooks. I am now mostly rotating between the Shield 2 and the Sensation 2 depending on my runs. I also just ran in their new trail shoe this morning, the Ortega 2, and it was perfection. Love them!!!IMG_2032 (1)
  4. Finding the perfect energy bar for during workouts – I have been trying out every flavor of Lara Bar and RX Bars, and I think its RX for the win. They are super clean with only a few key ingredients and no added sugar. I also really like the consistency of them…they are nice and chewy. My faves are the peanut butter, maple sea salt and coconut chocolate. The only one I didn’t love was the mixed berry flavor. You can buy them at TJ’s and Sprouts. Thumbs up!
  5.  Healthy Dessert (a sweet contradiction) – I might be burning extra calories but I am eating mountains. I should probably cool it and get down to a better race weight in the next few weeks but for now I am enjoying stuffing my face on (mostly) healthy foods. My 2 absolute favorite sweet treats right now are TJ’s chocolate covered frozen bananas and Halo Top ice cream…both unbelievably good! Even better when eaten together.IMG_2957

This last one has nothing to do with training but is just HILARIOUS 😉 Jib-Jab.






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  1. Halo top is so dangerously unbelievably delicious!! I am loving it.


    1. Dominique says:

      It is the BEST! Have you tried the birthday cake flavor? I can’t find it anywhere. But the strawberry is amazing!! 🙂


      1. No I haven’t but they have it at my neighborhood store. I will try it soon and report back to you! 🙂


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