Train Insane or Remain the Same

A few months back, after some my some of my amigas kept raving about ClassPass, I decided to give it a try. I recently cancelled my membership at Equinox because I travel during the week and can no longer make it to any of the classes I used to attend. By the way, if you have a chance to try out Michael Collins’ Equinox H2O or Rucky Rukus’s Zumba class at Irvine, CA Equinox, I HIGHLY recommend both!

Dom, Marjan, and I all been checking out the different classes and wanted to share some thoughts.

AntiGravity Yoga – This class was FUN. It was like being wrapped in a cocoon or chilling in a hammock while providing an intense stretch!  It also made me want to try the Aerial Silks class…and maybe even the Pole class **blushing**

Seafit – If you have never tried the Lagree method, you have to check it out. I’m warning you…you WILL HURT! It’s a good hurt, where your muscles shake and you want to quit but you don’t want to quit and you don’t understand how you can run 15 miles or bike 100 but you can’t do one more rep on the Reformer kind of hurt. I believe the reformer has changed my core and strength and I this is one class that has become a staple on my training plan.

Fitness Movement – Pretty much the same as Seafit. GREAT Lagree workout! I have also had awesome instructors at every Fitness Movement location I have visited.

Full Psycle – A majority of our friends have went to spin classes at Full Psycle and we all agree it’s a great workout. I personally LOVE that you can see your power. Some of the classes focus too much on push-ups and weights, at least more than I want when I am looking for a replacement for a trainer workout, but that’s just me J Instructor wise I would say I’ve really enjoyed the instructors about 85% of the time.

Radiant – HOT, HOT, HOT yoga. Radiant makes you sweat…or I guess it makes you RadiantJ I love starting my week at Radiant. Typically I attend Monday morning classes and I have had positive experiences with all the instructors. The only thing I would like to see different is to mix up the flow/moves from week to week. I know the routine by heart now. I like a challenge!

RA – Yogalates, hot yoga, and more! Great place for beginner hot yoga.  In the yogalates and Ra Strength I’ve had instructors that were a little too loud. Almost a piercing voice to the point it made the class not enjoyable. I’m just being honest…and a few others mentioned the same thing after class. I really think it was the acoustics of the room, but it was enough for me not to go back to those specific classes. Otherwise a great studio!

WORK – My favorite for crazy intense, crazy fun cross training. It’s fun, it’s organized, high energy, great music and AWESOME facility and instructors. Five stars from me!

The 12 – Same concept as WORK and also a great workout. I’ve been twice and I LOVED the instructors. However, I did feel it was really unorganized compared to WORK which ultimately left you trying to figure out what to do instead of actually doing the workout.

GRIT–  A favorite of mine for sure. The studio is awesome, great workout, and cool instructors. You have to book early because the classes fill up!

Spektra Yoga –This is a favorite of Dominque’s. She has tried a number of classes and had great things to say about all of them.

Spektra Meditation – this was my first guided meditation and I will definitely go back. The hour flew by and it was such a calming experience. It was comfortable, it was intense, and it was surprising how easily I was able to control the mind. Love it and for someone who is always going, going, going it was much needed!

There are so many more classes to try! If you have some favorite in the Orange County or LA area, let us know so we can try them out.

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