Better Late Than Never Race Report

There is nothing like waiting 3 weeks to share exciting news to suck the enthusiasm out of it…;) My life is in hectic mode right now, between crazy busy work days and attempting to plan a small wedding this poor Tri-belles blog has taken a back seat. Sorry, I’ll be better.

Ok, I will cut to the chase and get on to the (some what outdated) exciting news!!! I WON the Laguna Beach Xterra. Wooohooo. This was my first ever podium AND I happened to win overall female for the short course. There were only 19 girls total, but hell…I’ll take it! 🙂Podium

Here are my splits for the 500m Swim / 16k Bike / 5k Run:

Last Name Carson
First Name Dominique
Age 35
Sex F
Division Place 1
Gun 02:00:45
Chip 00:00:00
Swim 00:14:35
T1 00:01:21
Bike 01:09:47
T2 00:00:30
Run 00:34:30
Pace 00:00:00
Overall 23
Sex Place 1

I really had no idea how I would do in this race, and was overly nervous the morning of the event. The weekend prior I had attempted to do the bike and run course but managed to crash and flip over the handle bars, skidding downhill on my hip and forearms. I dusted myself off and finished the second loop of the bike course and then ran about a mile and a half, but I didn’t get a good idea of my time. I felt ok though. Despite the crash my legs felt good on the short run. But, when I got in the car to head home I started to get a weird blurriness in my peripheral vision and by the the time we got home I felt really sick and threw up. I chalked it up to heat and exertion mixed with being a bit rattled from the crash since I felt fine later in the day.booboo.JPG

The day of the race I didn’t know what to expect. I just told myself to get out there and give it my all while being safe on the downhill sections. But, when I started the run my watch said 1:26 so then I had a goal…under 2 hours. I had been passed by a girl that looked about my age on the bike course and I saw her up ahead on the gnarly uphill section of the run. I was gaining on her slowly and that gave me another goal…beat her! Once I passed her, I just kept looking at my watch and trying to make it to the finish in under 2 hours. I missed it by 45 seconds. Next year for sure!

Weston and Marjan were there to support me (thanks again) and we hung out with the awesome peeps at the 361 Degrees tent after the race until the awards ceremony. I wore the 361-Strata for the race and LOVED them, my feet were very happy (product review to come soon). I had no idea I had won overall until they announced it, it was the best surprise EVER! Check out Marjan’s video from the event HERE she is one talented lady 🙂 Medals

After we left the race and I ended up getting sick again…this time at a restaurant (fun times)!!! What the hell, I have never thrown up after training or racing before, and NO I’m not pregnant 🙂 So weird. The only explanation I can come up with is I am not used to my heart rate being that high for so long with all the hills and got really dehydrated?? But, it was still an amazing day that has now given me a taste for podium…uh oh! 🙂

Here is a quick recap of the last few weeks in pictures…

More trail running LOVE in some seriously hot weather. Another awesome Marjan video HERE

trails with M

My new obsession…greens with berries from Pressed Juicery!!! SOOOO Good (and picture perfect)!


Long ride with a shopping pit stop….we couldn’t resist a 40-50% off sale!! Haha. We stuffed our back pockets and Kelly even had a pair of sandals shoved in her water bottle cage ;p

Bike Shopping

Quick trip to San Luis Obispo with impromptu camping to pick a spot to get hitched 🙂



Tri-belles making up to squirrel-kind after the squishing incident…nom nom protein bar. When we finally get our act together and make some Tri-belles kits they will need to have a squirrel on them somewhere LOL


Hope you are all having an excellent week and are ready for the weekend!

Anyone else gotten sick a few hours after a race or tough workout?


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  1. Excellent work! I’ve been loving trail running lately too…great way to get away from the hot sun and run under the trees!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dominique says:

      I LOVE the trails at the moment too!!! But, where we live in OC there is no shade unfortunately 😦 and It was up in the 90’s here last weekend.


      1. I hear ya! High of 97 down here in Dallas where I live girl! The summer struggle is so real!!

        Liked by 1 person

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