Vacation and Detoxification

I can’t believe it’s almost MARCH! Times moves slowly, but passes quickly! That means November aka Ironman Florida month is going to be here soon! Nutrition and health are currently on my mind since I just spent a long weekend in Mexico getting very acquainted with different types of Tequila and my diet consisted of mostly chips and guacamole. These are just a few of my favorites:

Yes…that’s me doing laps in the lazy river:)
Vista Grill Tequila selection!

And even though I managed to get some laps in,  while dodging my drinking and sunbathing friends, it wasn’t quite the  same quality of workout.

I now feel the need to detox and I am very aware that nutrition is just as critical as the actual training for a race like IM. I can get through an Olympic distance on Moscow Mules and ceviche but it’s not going to make the cut for true performance. So it’s time to experiment. My go-to favorite is Kimberly Snyder’s Glowing Green Smoothie. A quick side note. The first time I ever made this smoothie I cut the end of my finger off (bone and all) chopping CHOPPED spinach to put in a BLENDER! Not one of my best moments but doctors are miracle workers and now I can look back and laugh.  Anyhow, the smoothie tastes fantastic and is super easy to make. But I need to mix it up! I’ve been experimenting with beets, with ginger, with avocado (minus the chips), and with other random fruits and veggies that I haven’t tried before. Marjan is a big fan of carrot juice but I’m not there yet…maybe…someday. I must say a few days in I feel better. I have great energy minus the coffee. I’m not craving sweets and I feel my mind is more clear. I think it says a lot of the importance of what we put in our bodies. For me, one of the biggest struggles on the journey to IM Florida will be proper nutrition. But now that I put it out there, I have all of you to hold me accountable:)

I also need to start experimenting with nutrition while on the bike. Last year I found Perpetuem Hammer in Caffe Latte worked really well. I also really like Scratch (one of Dom’s favorites too) and Osmo in Mango flavor. There are just SO many different types, flavors, etc. that I feel I could experiment with something new everyday. I would LOVE to hear what works for you. Especially when you start getting up into the 4+ hour workouts. We will let you know how it goes as we try our new brands and flavors as well! Cheers!


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