The Journey

I can hardly believe that the holidays are over already, they came and went in the blink of an eye. My mini Christmas tree is still in the corner begging me to plug it in or pack it away, one or the other. But, overall 2015 was a good year. For one, our annual Christmas road trip was a huge success! This year we managed to put about 2500 miles on the odometer driving from O.C. to Sacramento, Sacramento to Eugene, OR, then on to Seattle via Portland. We spent four nights in Seattle with friends and family and then headed to Bend, OR for two nights, followed by New Years Eve in Reno (not recommended), and lastly two nights in Vegas before heading home. Lots of driving, but we love exploring the country and checking out the sites along the way. The only downside was that we couldn’t go snowboarding due to Weston’s surgery, and there was TONS of snow. So, we ate and drank our way around the Pacific North West this year instead.

Hiking in Bend, freezing my ass off in Reno, looking like a cupcake, beer drinking in OR, hanging with Ghandi, snuggin my baby, NYE fireworks, the cutest dog EVER OGee, and flag crosswalks on Capital Hill!



This creepy Clown Motel is a perfect example of what you may stumble upon while driving across the country. I believe this was in a tiny town called Tonopah, NV. Shiver…you couldn’t pay me to stay there.


In other exciting news….I am RUNNING again!! Woohoo. My hip still hurts a teensy bit, but I am running again and loving it. I managed a few treadmill runs while we were on our trip thanks to hotel gyms along the way (I figured attempting ice running at this point would be a bad call). Then on Saturday I did a nice easy 5 mile run outside which was pure bliss. In case you have not heard about the most fascinating podcast EVER….check out Serial. It is so addictive and will keep you running forever because you have to find out what happens next. We listened to the entire first season while driving, and then debated it for at least another 4-5 hours along the way. Now season 2 has me running laps around my house just so I can keep listening. I highly recommend it if you like murder mystery sort of stuff. I also highly recommend these 2XU Mid-rise compression tights. I bought a pair for Kelly and myself for Christmas and they are insanely comfortable. And, I really think they are helping with my hip issue since they have a thick waistband that holds that area nice and tight without digging into my waist.

Happy camper running in my new Bend trucker hat and listening to Serial 🙂
LOVE these tights…this is a weird angle though, my calves are not actually that short haha

I also managed to squeeze in a REALLY tough yoga class at my new favorite studio, Spectra Yogaon Saturday after my run. It was a level 3 vinyasa class heated to 97 degrees, and it kicked my booty. Then on Sunday I met up with Kelly and Marjan for a fun gym session. We spent about 30-40 minutes on the spin bikes and then randomly ended up doing handstands and headstands for a while. This is why having awesome friends to work out with makes it SO much more fun! We finished up the workout with a fast and hard swim in the delightfully over heated outdoor pool at 24 Hr Fitness.

  • 300 yrd warm up
  • 3 x 150 yrds at 85% (with 10 sec rest between each)
  • 3 x 75 yrds at 90% (with 10 sec rest between each)
  • 3 x 25 yrds at 100% (with 10 sec rest between each)
  • 300 yrd cool down



So, as you can see…nothing too stressful. No crazy mileage or double bricks will be happening any time soon, but the process of building back up is in full swing. My main goal as always is to enjoy the journey as much as the result 🙂




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